What it Means

For Weiland Farms, sustainability is about what we’re doing today to ensure that the resources under our responsibility are productive for generations to come.
Sustainability requires commitment from all stakeholders. We strive to create a unified vision with landowners that strikes the right balance between current income, asset preservation and enhancement, and environmental caretaking.
We make use of significant amounts of proprietary data to drive decisions to allocate the proper levels of seed and crop nutrients for each field.

Why it Matters

Sustainability and asset preservation go hand in hand. When we look at how to provide the best return on investment for landowners, we look at asset preservation, not just rent amounts and production numbers. Our sustainability plan includes goals for continuous improvement of the land. We measure nitrate levels coming off of fields. We track the number of acres enrolled in set-aside programs. Efforts such as soil fertility, weed control, waterway structure and land set-aside programs are investments that can enhance the land’s future value.

“Stewardship is our top priority. We team with landowners who also desire long-term sustainability of their land assets.”

– Reid Weiland