An Investment to Be Proud Of

Capitalize on an excellent investment class - farmland - with Weiland Farms. Our approach considers both financial and environmental impact, complete with an expert analysis of land before purchase, to bring you above market returns and long-term success.

Innovative Asset Management

Your due diligence investing starts with someone who understands the nuances of a piece of land. We help you evaluate production history, environmental factors and weather prior to purchase.

Return on Investment

We take good land and make it better with higher value crops and a higher level of management. Above average numbers aren't our goals, they are our proven results.

Impacting the Long-Term

We identify opportunities for improvements to the land and recognize sometimes those are long-term in showing results. We view our relationship as a two-way investment, not just a transaction.

Flexible & Adaptable

We provide our more than 55 landowners with the flexibility they need in managing their investment. We have a mix of leasing agreements that allow you to be more hands-on or hands-off based on your needs.

Our flexibility also helps us adapt to changing economic and environmental conditions. We're not afraid of trying out new market-based opportunities or changing up the way we manage precious resources to stay ahead of the curve.

Experience the difference of
skillfully managed farmland with Weiland Farms.